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Electronic Data Collection
Electronic Data Collection is defined as the method of using electronic handheld readers to collect data from Bar Code, iButton, or RF-ID tags and assembling it into useful information. This information can be reported on or it can be forwarded to other applications.

Security Solutions
Security solutions are very broad, but for the most part, have a physical security level and an information level. Our solutions address Security the physical level. Our primary focus is "Officer Tours", but we can address the security of physical assets.

Become an Independent Sales Rep or Value Added Reseller

JB Sales & Marketing, Inc. pursues qualified Independent Sales Representatives or qualified Value Added Resellers to Market and sell solutions built on the eDatamanage AppBuilder Platform. All Sales and Marketing activities will be managed and supported through JB Sales & Marketing, Inc. as the Master Reseller for eDatamanage, LLC. These solutions were created with Channels Partners in mind.

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Customized Solutions
Data Collection
Simple Data Collection Applications come from a simple to use developer's kit. The EDM AppBuilder© is a great foundation for companies to build data collection applications. The EDM AppBuilder© is an easy tool for folks to use to create applications from scratch based on the current data gathering processes.
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