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EDM AppBuilder©

Simple Data Collection Applications come from a simple to use developer's kit. The EDM AppBuilder© is a great foundation for companies to build data collection applications. The EDM AppBuilder© is an easy tool for folks to use to create application from scratch based on the current data gathering processes.

This tool allows a person to create levels that are commonly used in collecting data within the standard processes of an organization, thus reducing the need to changes processes. Process changes within an organization can actually stifle progress within an organization and can often lead to reduced productivity. The iButton tagging technology, manufactured by Dallas/Maxim, coupled with simple electronic reader technology, manufactured by Videx Corporation, makes it easy to implement data collection solutions simply and with minimal disruption to the staff personnel. Keeping things simple is the way we like to implement these data collection solutions because it is the easiest way to collect much needed data with minimal impact to the organization. The iButton tag is excellent for inspection and tracking applications because it is durable and works very well in all kinds of harsh environments.

This tag requires a person to make a physical touch of the iButton, thus reading the 64bit unique ID from the can. This Unique ID can be linked to any specific item such as a person, place, asset, specific action, or description to allow for easy collection of data from the electronic reader. When the reader touches the iButton it reads the Unique ID, times, and date stamps the reading.

Once a person is done collecting data, this data is easily uploaded to a PC through a station that is connected to the PC through a USB or serial communications port. This process significantly eliminates manual translation and data entry errors. It moves the historical data into the database clean and error-free.

Once the data is in the system, it can be viewed several ways. It can be viewed through the application screens within the specific application.

The historical data can also be queried by our fully integrated report writer. This report writer provides the capability to assemble this historical data, along with any fields within a screen in the application, into useful information. The FoxFire Report Writer, developed by Micromega Systems and integrated in our application, provides a complete data collection solution platform. Information can be printed out, exported in other data formats, or just viewed on the screen.

Create the report by selecting the type of report, selecting the data items, and then running the report. Filters can easily be added to narrow a query to meet your specific needs.

Ask about our products and solutions by contacting one of our Authorized Resellers or filling out the information request form on the contacts page of our web site.

Remember this platform has the following functionality built into it as part of the foundation:

Flexibility to build many levels, many screens, many fields, and special actions.

Built-in Back-up and Restore function.

Route Builder as part of the foundation.

Capability of viewing historical data in many different ways.

Integrated report writer with a great deal of capability, as well as flexibility.

Edatamanage Software Solution
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Report Writer
This data in the history table can be Queried by using our Integrated FOXFIRE report writer that was provided by Micromega Systems.
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